Social Entrepreneur Group Israel

Who is a social entrepreneur? A social entrepreneur is someone who sees structural problems, not problems with people. People get into a state of equilibrium, accepting the status quo. Carrying that bucket of water day after day up the hill, while there are suitable solutions just around the corner. It is inconvenient, causing discomfort and distress to millions, but most people don't seek an alternative. A social entrepreneur sees what's possible in a situation like that and feels a driving sense to change things – not just for him or herself, but to have millions of other people benefit from the change. He looks for a simple, yet elegant solution. He's not interested in the profit motive, but the social benefit of the endeavor. A social entrepreneur sees what's possible, better than anybody else and works to change things. He uses imagination, creativity, and determination. In many ways, it's similar to having business drive – the main difference being that he seeks to add social value, not profit value. He looks around him, and he looks for simple, yet elegant solutions to big problems.

A social entrepreneurial group is forming in Israel and is accepting new members. Members of the group are hand-picked. The group is divided into sections; each group section works together and brainstorms a different set of problems. Team members are assigned to sections based on their skill and ability, and of how they complement the talents of other section members. If you feel you have what it takes, and would like to be part of this endeavor, write to Explain your motivation. If you're accepted to the group, you will be assigned to a group section based on your ability to add value to the group endeavor.